Hello, everyone! This video is definitely for you if you always wanted to try clothes design. Maybe you will like it so much so that it will be your future profession! Check out our amazing ideas and don't miss a single tutorial.

Clothes design is a very cool hobby. Learn how to show your creativity to the world! You can create amazing clothes that will be absolutely unique. Moreover, you will never be puzzled when it comes to presents.

Check out our cool T-shirt ideas. If you have some boring plain T-shirts, turn them into design masterpieces. We have a lot of amazing DIY ideas for kids. Take a piece of transparent film and put a few strokes of paint on it (make sure to use fabric paint). Press it against the T-shirt and get a beautiful stamp! Another awesome idea is using crayons and sandpaper for decorating T-shirts.

You can use stencils for painting on fabric. Look around - inspiration is everywhere! You can make an awesome design using plant leaves! Use colored ice for adorable patterns that resemble watercolor stains.

Another cool technique that is worth learning is tie-dye. Make a spiral bun out of a T-shirt (just how you do it with spaghetti) and fix it with rubber bands. Sprinkle it over with paint and water and leave to dry. The result is both unpredictable and awesome.

Check out our awesome clothes revamp ideas as well! There's no need to throw clothes away because you can always repurpose them.


02:15 - Image transfer hack
02:31 - Tie-dye ideas
03:06 - Clothes ideas for smart moms
07:54 - Repurposing clothes


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