Hand Embroidery Knotted lazy daisy stitch

Hand Embroidery Knotted lazy daisy stitch

Hello! Today you will learn to embroider Flowers with knotted lazy daisy stitch. You will also use the following stitches: French knot, stem stitch and straight stitch. This design would look great on a pillow, a cushion, a bag, for home decoration or on any garment. Remember that it can be embroidered on any fabric: Linen, etamine, dacron, etc. You can do it yourself. It's really much easier to do than it seems.

** Details about materials required **
▶ Fabric used: Linen
▶ Pearl (perle) cotton thread:
▶ Variegated red (Anchor 1203)
▶ Yellow (Anchor 00290)
▶ Light green (Anchor 00256)
▶ Dark green (DMC 909 = Molino Tren 9128)
▶ Cotton embroidery floss (six-stranded):
▶ Dark brown (DMC 801)

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