Hand Embroidery Designs Stump work Stitch and Flower

Hand Embroidery Designs Stump work Stitch and Flower

The art of embroidery has been popular since ancient times. Even today, a lot of people pursue this art as a hobby or to earn money. With the advancement of technology this art form has changed and also improved.

Digital machines help you make embroidery quickly and save money. But hand embroidery patterns are the traditional ways that people prefer as it allows their creativity to flow and they can also make their own patterns. The usage of machines makes you dependent on them and these machines also have their limits. Many designs are already present in the computer, so the user's creativity is not required. That means that you can't embellish or change the designs to suit your own preferences or the project you are working on.

It is difficult to create hand embroidery patterns. They also require a lot of time to complete. The embroiderer's eyesight has to be crystal clear and they should have perfect coordination of the thread and the cloth. This sewer should be a very patient as well as creative person as the designs will be of the sewer's imagination.

You could choose between lace, canvas, cross stitch and ribbon for hand designs. The lace as well as ribbon embroidery is used to create floral designs. These methods are ideal for people who are beginners in the art of hand embroidery patterns as they are very simple. The cross stitch is a popular as well as major method of hand embroidery. One can select from a large variety of designs if one is comfortable with this method. This method is simple but involves intricate work as one has to count the number of stitches as well as the colors to create the right design.

Beginners should avoid starting with canvas as one has to be skilled and experienced to work on it. No matter what type of embroidery you pick, hand embroidery patterns will give you a lot of confidence as the designs will be yours. They will allow you to be creative and let your imagination run wild.

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