Hand Embroidery Strawberry design Fresas Bordadas a Mano

Hand Embroidery Strawberry design Fresas Bordadas a Mano

Hello! Today you will learn how to embroider a strawberry. It is worked with traditional strawberry colours. You need to use the following stitches: Long and short stitch, stem stitch and backstitch. This design would look great on your favourite garment, pillow or tablecloth. Remember that it can be embroidered on any fabric: Linen, etamine, dacron, etc. You can do it yourself. It's really much easier to do than it se

** Details about materials required **
▶ Fabric used: Linen
▶ Cotton embroidery floss (six-stranded):
▶ Yellow (Anchor 00290)
▶ Orange (Anchor 00332)
▶ Red (Anchor 00046)
▶ Dark red (Anchor 00047)
▶ Green (Anchor 00258)
▶ Dark green (Anchor 00229)
▶ Light green (DMC 369)
▶ White (Molino Tren 9902 = DMC 117-Blanc)

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